The Port of Peril

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,	St-3
						backpack, shield,
						Potion of Fortune, map
  1  Talk to the whistling man			Twine, candle, knife,	St+1
						brass bell, lantern, chalk,
						brass owl, rope, copper nails,
						flask, unicorn-head goblet
 19  Ask him if he has any food to trade
126  Trade your bag of nails
268  Trade your twine				-Copper nails		St+1
365  Trade your brass owl			-Twine, snake oil
318  Stay for a while longer			-Brass owl, skunk oil
239  Challenge the girl thief
387  The old man who was robbed points angrily				Lu-1
 88  Ask the old man what he does
298  Look around the market			4 CP, rabbit charm
247  Play the card player's game
291  Choose the card in the middle
262  Ask him to turn over the card
155  You leave the market square		1 GP
 58  Head west down Silver Street
104  Enter the jeweler's shop
275  You have a gold rabbit charm
396  Accept his offer
214  You bid Jethro Jaggle farewell		10 GP, -rabbit charm
 82  Walk back to Armory Lane
  8  Go in Cy's shop
384  Buy a Demon Dagger
195  You leave the shop				-10 GP, Demon Dagger	Sk+1
 33  Walk down Beggar's Alley
283  Give Copper Pieces to the beggars
 74  Ask the one-armed man			-3 CP
378  Wish them well and walk on
311  Walk on to the T-junction ahead
206  Look in the shop windows
305  Make your way to the main gates
 64  Hide in the vast cornfield
148  Take a look inside the old cottage					St+1
319  Fight each MAN-ORC 5/6 5/4
229  Unbolt the wooden trapdoor			1 CP, 7 teeth, silver button,
						glass eye, arrowhead, 3 stones,
						jar of sheep's eyeballs
130  Go down the steps to investigate
323  Your sword finds its mark						Lu-1
199  Fight the ZOMBIE 6/5
 67  Run up the steps to confront the visitor
352  Fight the MAN-ORC 6/6
210  Examine the crack in the wall		Chalk, nettles, cast-iron pig
244  Go back down into the cellar		Paper
391  Put the copper bracelet on
 85  You leave the cottage and set off		Bracelet of Power	Sk+1 St+2
164  Investigate the building
 71  Take a closer look at the scarecrow
358  Fight the goblin-like creatures
226  Fight each BLUE IMP 6/5 6/4 6/5
191  Look inside the cabin			Stikkle wax		St+2
 38  Leave the cabin and carry on		Long knife
134  Build a bivouac out of fallen branches
250  Build a campfire							St+1
144  You begin your climb of Moonstone Hills
368  Keep heading east past the cave
236  Stop to fill up your water flask					St-1
 95  The massive boulder thunders past you
394  The arrows hit the boulder						Lu-1
 55  You take a long drink of cool water	1 GP, fish hooks,	St+1
						salt, bow, 6 arrows
345  Climb Skull Crag to find another way in
281  Go left at the junction
301  Try on the chain-mail armor
380  You walk on feeling pleased		Chain-mail		Sk+1
 69  Fight each GRONK 5/5 5/4 5/4
208  Go right down the tunnel						Lu+1
292  You have a jar of sheep's eyeballs
273  Drop the jar and draw your sword
 17  Defeat the NORGUL 10/9
231  Go right at the back of the lair		5 GP			Lu+1
111  Look inside the iron chest
289  You look up to see a large gelatinous blob
174  You possess a pouch of salt
 21  You hurl it at the Giant Lavaworm		-Salt
382  Inspect the iron chest
212  Put the mahogany box in your backpack
389  Go left along the tunnel
177  Go left through the lair
 28  Go right past the lifeless Gronks
347  Reply that you are an adventurer
132  Say yes to Hakasan's proposal					St+1
 81  Fight the HILL TROLL 9/9			Hakasan
102  Put the vial in your backpack		3 GP, 2 silver buttons, green vial
321  Help Hakasan look for tracks		Lead ball
304  Take the bronze shield
257  Hakasan salutes you and you walk on	Dwarf shield		Sk+1
359  Stay in the ruined farmhouse
228  Try on the dirty old boots
393  The boots are incredibly comfortable	Elven boots		Sk+1 Lu+1
 98  Hakasan comes with two rabbits					Lu-1
324  You set off early next morning					St+3
 56  Investigate the wicker basket
 72  You are not far from the basket					Lu-1
 24  Fight the WARHAWK 8/8 with Hakasan
367  You believe Horace's story
238  You come to a fork in the path
252  Run through the clearing
232  Stand your ground
124  You possess a bronze shield
 60  Fight each BANDIT 6/7 7/7 7/6
 22  You look around and are relieved
372  Eat the apple and cheese			2 GP
266  Try on the signet ring						St+2
141  Drink the purple liquid			Tyche Ring		Lu+2
127  Ignore Hakasan's warning and drink
181  Continue on your journey						Sk+2 St+3 Lu+1
383  Drink the vegetable soup
 84  Take a look at the books						St+2
331  You decide to look inside his wooden chest
376  Wait for Gurnard Jaggle to appear
280  Ask him about the puzzle box
213  Pay his price for information
108  Chase after Klash				-3 GP
 43  Keep going after Klash			Compass, Rune Ring	St+2
156  Carry on running south towards Chalice	-Hakasan
200  Watch without saying anything					St-1
260  Accept the boatman's offer			-2 GP			St+2
303  Dive into the river to swim away
151  The pirates are looking the other way				Lu-1
205  Buy the healing potion
 18  Buy the bone dice				-2 GP, healing potion	St+2
 73  Drink some of the liquid first		-2 GP, Lucky Bones	Lu+2
351  Keep on walking past the throne		Hakasan			Sk+1 St+3
348  You possess a brass compass					St-1
315  You turn slightly left and set off again
225  Walk into the open mouth of the idol
 37  Try on the winged helmet			Lead ball
392  You continue your quest to find Yaztromo	10 GP, helmet, ruby	Sk+1 Lu+1
284  Kill the GIANT CENTIPEDE 8/7
310  Agree to stop for a short rest
194  See who is calling out						St+1
159  Reply "Friend"
360  You are on your way to Yaztromo's Tower
297  Tell Bignose about Zanbar Bone
165  You possess a Rune Ring
 27  Offer the Rune Ring in exchange
256  Wear the pendant around your neck		-Rune Ring, dragonfly pendant
135  You are slightly disappointed
333  Look at Yaztromo's books first
241  You must go to Port Blacksand tomorrow
 14  Improve your Stamina						St+2
 78  You feel incredibly fit and healthy	15 GP			iSt+10
272  Ride on past the woman bound with ropes	-Hakasan
 66  Put 1 Gold Piece into the box
 32  Hire a boat to row to Port Blacksand	-1 GP
 41  Hire Dod's rowing boat and merchant's pass
180  You wave goodbye				-10 GP, merchant's pass
395  You hold a merchant's pass
149  Go in the Black Lobster Tavern
187  Join the men playing their dice game
 16  You possess a ruby
269  The total will be higher
101  The number is 8 or higher
366  You head back to the bar			Flintlock pistol
 89  Talk to the innkeeper			-3 GP, -brass bell
317  Reply to the tanned man
249  Leave the tavern
 63  Go in Finbar's Fireworks
300  Ask about buying some black powder
 39  Pay 3 Gold Pieces
282  You bid Finbar farewell			-3 GP, black powder, 2 lead balls
118  Defeat the CHAOS WARRIOR 10/11
313  Search the Chaos Warrior's body
328  You run across Singing Bridge		Gauntlets,		Sk+1
						Ring of Burning Snakes
 25  Decide for yourself
178  Go down Palace street
371  Enter the palace disguised as a guard
274  You join the guards at the back		Helmet, armor
 86  Knock on the locked iron door					St+1
125  You have been sent to torture Nicodemus
 31  Attack the IMPERIAL GUARD TROLL 11/11
322  Turn right towards Palace Bridge		22 GP, silver earring, iron keys
346  None of the crossbow bolts hit you					Lu-1
221  You row steadily upriver
379  You have the Ring of Burning Snakes
  6  Stop to talk to the scruffy man		-Ring of Burning Snakes
 93  Ride to Darkwood Forest			-20 GP, Venom Sword
286  Ride around the Skeletons
154  Go inside Yaztromo's tower
279  You are wearing a dragonfly pendant				Sk+2 St+2
308  Zanbar Bone rages from his throne
 11  You own a Venom Sword
337  Defeat the QUAG-SHUGGUTH 12/13					At+3
362  Nicodemus is wearing the ring
296  Fire a flintlock pistol at Zanbar Bone
198  His skull shatters into tiny pieces	-1 lead ball
267  Allansia is safe
400  May your Stamina never fail