Blood of the Zombies

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						T-shirt, cargo shorts	St-8
  1  Talk to Otto when he enters your cell
194  Go for his body
345  Interrogate Otto
 21  You have to escape
 73  Walk to the half-open doorway
255  Finish off Otto's meal			Hendrix bag
317  Open the small metal box						St+2
178  You head down the corridor			$15, penknife
 93  Open the black canvas pouch
 36  You carry on down the corridor		Small key #9
391  Stay and talk to Boris and Gregor
 51  You have some dollars
131  Pay for the information
229  Ask Boris if there is anything of use	-$10
329  Ask Boris if he has any provisions		-$3, gloves, hacksaw, pulley
 28  You've got to kill them all					St+3
157  Go left at the junction
103  Open the solid-looking door
378  Open the old kit bag
291  You hear sounds from inside the cupboard	Sneakers, baseball bat
 13  Fight two ZOMBIES				{2}
235  You go back the way you came		Bullets			St+4
265  Open the small door
 84  You carry on walking along the corridor	$2, wallet
202  Look behind the dirty old mattress
141  Squeeze along the narrow passageway
244  Fight eight ZOMBIES			{10}
395  Open the black iron door			Tongs
 32* You have a key
  9  Search through the pile of coal
170  You try to open the door			Grappling hook
321  Search the boiler room
 69  Fight three ZOMBIES			{13}, bandages		St+2
273  You open the door in the far wall		-Baseball bat, crowbar
309  Somebody is coming
109  Fight four ZOMBIES				{17}
136  Pry the lid off the crate			Pistol
152  You possess a crowbar
 78  Lift the manhole cover			2 grenades
210  Climb down the narrow shaft
379  Kill 15 MUTANT SEWER RATS			-1 grenade
122  Fight two ZOMBIES				{19}
187  You have a hacksaw				Amy Fletcher locket
 18  Fish the bottle out of the water
 63  You take the yellow notepaper and walk on	[Combination 181]
278  You go back and climb out of the sewers
173  You head towards a flight of stairs
250  Inspect the paintings
354  Inspect the portrait more closely
126  Look behind the portrait			[Austin Healey]
386  Open the narrow door
304  Go left along the hallway			Shotgun, cartridges
223  Open the "Cleaners" door			Glasses
 89  Kill the ZOMBIE				{20}			St-1
349  You carry on down the hallway		Brass key #111
311  You get ready to defend yourself
148  Fight 12 armed ZOMBIES			{32}
373  Go left on the landing
 47  Open the "Games Night Club" door
347  Open some of the boxed games
297* You have a brass key
111  You leave the games room			$45, car keys
129  Open the padlocked door
 66  You have a gun
259  You possess a grenade
357  Finish off 17 ZOMBIES			-1 grenade, {49}
145  Open the red metal chest
213  You leave the bunk room			$15
388  Ignore the trunk and walk on
 25  Open the white door
301  Kill two ZOMBIES				{51}
365  Stay in the library and look at the books
139  Read one of the books about Zombies
288  Read "The World of Zombies" book
206  Flick the brass switch
324  The dart flies past your head
167  Flick the switch up
 41  Go down the secret passageway stairs
189  Fight 19 ZOMBIES				{70}
232  Pour the liquid away
 56  You have a piece of yellow notepaper	$7, flask
 86* You try the combination
181  You climb back up and head back		$44, 1 grenade, [my car]
160  Open the "Music Room" door
204  The hammer spins through the air
237  The hammer just misses your head
399  Dispatch the ZOMBIE and search the room	{71}
334  Open the violin case			$5
105  Open the flight case			-Shotgun, machine gun
272  Go out of the room and down the corridor	Flak jacket		St+4
252  You decide to investigate downstairs
176  Fight 16 ZOMBIES				{87}
  6  Look inside the yellow bin
397  You possess a pair of rubber gloves
 61  You toss the notebook and walk on		[Extension 121]
155  Follow the trail of blood
135  You are wearing a flak jacket
340  Listen at the door and open it		{88}			St-3
 26  Go inside the room to get the keys
143  Kill 17 ATTACK DOGS
351  You are relieved and go on your way	Keys #1-8		St+8
276  You arrive at a T-junction
226  Pry open the lock on the chest
133  You possess a crowbar
162  Head right along the corridor					St+4
119  Open the door
290  You flip the Zombie over your shoulder
363  Fight two ZOMBIES				{90}
 83  You walk back to the other door		$10
 30  You climb the spiral stone staircase
322  Smash the glass and climb outside
 15  You possess a grappling hook
314  There is a huge explosion			{91}, -grappling hook	St-1
359  Walk quickly over to the skylight
393  Jump down onto the bed
124  You land safely
 42  You look around
221  Search the room
137  Continue searching the bedroom		2 grenades		St+4
239  Walk through the swing doors		$3, lab coat
 76  Hide behind the shower curtain
344  Go into the bedroom
 53  Attack six ZOMBIES				-1 grenade, {97}
268  You open the bedroom door and leave	$7
183  Lift the lid of the basket
302  You walk down the hallway			3 grenades
271  Stand and fight the Zombies
339  You possess some grenades
200  You have another grenade			-1 grenade
108  The Zombie fumbles the catch		-1 grenade
253  You jump up to fight those that remain
 17  Kill remaining 27 ZOMBIES			{124}
215  You pick your way through corpses
  7  Pull the trapdoor open
146  Pull down the folding ladder
112  Climb into the dusty loft
 46  You have a gun
361  You land twisting your ankle
231  Search through the storage boxes		{125}			St-1
336  You hurry towards the elevator		False beard
367  Battle seven ZOMBIES			{132}			St-2
316  Press button G
116  Walk down the hallway to the door
177  Go through the swing doors
222  Close the bedroom door and lock it		[Amy Fletcher]		St+4
258  Shoot through the door
142  Read Amy's diary				{134}
123  Press buttons 2 and G
257  You are wearing a flak jacket		{138}
 50  You are hit by shrapnel						St-4
234  Slide down the elevator cable
 80  You possess a crowbar
185  Find out who is coming
 45  Fight BORIS and 19 ZOMBIES			{158}
149  Search through Boris's pockets
118  Open the steel door
294  Look inside the refrigerated room
  5  You are caught on the arm by the chainsaw
 98  You are still alive						St-3
 70  You leave the refrigerated room		{159}
341  Rescue the girl from 17 ZOMBIES		{176}
245  Call out her name
212  Call out the name Amy
312  You have read her diary
193  Look inside the drawers in the desk	Amy
296  You open the door to Yurr's study		[White Rabbit], [Roznik $100]
238  Turn on the laptop
201  You know Yurr's username
358  Type in the words "White Rabbit"
328  Type in the make and model of a car
264  Open the "Emergency Exit" document
 77  Try the telephone				[Code 161]
323* You know Yurr's extension number
121  You need to leave immediately
158  Defeat ZOMBIE KONG with Amy		{177}
 19  Go right in the hallway
207  Go into the stock room
283  Leave the stock room			Main Gate key
 14  Try to open the padlock
350  You possess a large brass key
 35  Bullets whiz through the air
114  Run for cover
 43  Run into the forest with Amy
287  Suggest that you return to the castle
338  You possess a gold locket
 68  You catch sight of the telescope ahead	-Locket, -Amy
230  You rush to escape down the staircase
 57  You have a lab coat
380  You have $100 to pay Roznik
138  You have to deal with the Zombies		-$100
251  Smash the glass jars			-Lab coat, -glasses, -false beard
 90  You walk over to the padlocked iron door	2 grenades		St+4
320  You have a bunch of keys #1-8
396  Open the padlock with keys #8 and 2
 82  Feel around for a light switch
310  Lob a grenade at the slow-moving Zombies
209  Fight remaining 28 ZOMBIES			-1 grenade, {205}
298  You push open the fire door
172  Run up the winding staircase
377  Get ready to fight the Zombies
269  You have a grenade
331  Fight remaining 24 ZOMBIES			-1 grenade, {229}
 40  You have a steel pulley
199  Fight 10 ZOMBIES				-Pulley, {239}
280  Kill all 24 ZOMBIES with the Browning	{263}
182  Kill all 26 ZOMBIES			{289}
168  Fight two axe-wielding ZOMBIES barehanded	{291}			St-4
360  Kill all 27 ZOMBIES			{318}
110  Jump off the balcony
224  Search the east wing			-Hendrix bag, -hacksaw, -tongs,
						-crowbar, -machine gun, -3 grenades
 16  You run into the courtyard			1 grenade
369  Fight 13 armed ZOMBIES			-1 grenade, {331}
247  Turn and shoot at Yurr
144  You feel an incredible sense of relief
117  Fight GINGRICH YURR barehanded		{332}
 44  You have a set of car keys
217  You kill HIGSON and drive off		{333}, -Pistol
400* You killed all the Zombies
333  You are certain you killed them all
225  You graduate with highest marks