Night of the Necromancer

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Nightslayer, leather armor,
						-Nightslayer, -leather armor,
  1  Confront the three terrified murderers
 25  Press the Death Acolyte for information
 64  You resist the pull of his spell
114  Battle the DEATH ACOLYTE 7/7
156  Succumb to the lure of the Nine Maidens
257  Pass through the otherworldly portal				iSk+1 iSt+1 Lu+1 Wi+1
389  You are no longer on the Earthly Plane
100  The Dead Winds are carrying you
 78  You will not go willingly into the dark	[Devourer]
 46  You are back in the real world					Sk+ St+ Lu+ Wi+1
288  Go north-west towards Wraith Wood
  3  Stand your ground
 49  Pit yourself against the Wild Hunt
220  Rely on cunning and good fortune
270  You make it to the Sundered Oak					Lu-1
221  You continue your search for answers				Lu+1 Wi+1
290  Approach Mother Toadsfoot's front door
 67  Tell the wise-woman you mean her no harm
399  Strengthen your spectral powers
 27  Quit this place
  9  You must cross the neglected graveyard
107  Help the ghosts bound to this place
 42  Destroy the GRAVE GOLEM 8/10
300  You pass beyond the cemetery to the road				St+ Lu+1 Wi+1
 61  You fight the hallucinatory nightmares
 17  Fight the PHANTASMAGORIA 8/10
142  Enter Sleath village						St+5
 99  Visit the Cockcrow Inn
118  The thing everyone knows about ghosts is
 90  You can pass through solid objects		[Apparition]
 97  You wish that you weren't there
230  You are able to make your form invisible	[Shade]
299  Depart the tavern
259  Explore the overgrown shrine
229  Try again to enter the shrine					St-2
199  You penetrate the Circle of Protection				St-2
149* Answer "One" + 1							Wi+1
  2  The ghost demonstrates new abilities				Lu+1 Wi+1
120  You can move objects in the real world	[Poltergeist]
  2  You leave the shrine feeling encouraged
259  Investigate Madame Zelda's tent
368  Deal with her in a friendly manner
281  You thank her and vacate the tent
259  Go towards the castle again
  6  Try to fly over the battlements
 75  You picture breaking free of gravity				Lu-1
293  You are able to fly high above the ground	[Spirit]
 94  Alight in the Outer Ward below
414  Visit the kennels first
 66  Seeing your hound fills you with hope	[Barking]
 43  Korzen will accompany you			Korzen, [Best Friend]	Lu+2 Wi+1
434  Go to the stables
164  Try to calm the horse-ghost
143  You manage to calm it down
116  You leave to look elsewhere		[Steed]
434  Visit the guard barracks
330  Engage Captain Cador in conversation
 39* Answer "Korzen"
 89  Ask him about changes Unthank has made
 83  There is something else he must explain
269  You make your way out of the barracks	[421], [Braveheart]	Lu+1
434  Go to the smithy
180  Call out to the blacksmith
 14  Ask Bertild about weapons or armor					Lu+1 Wi+1
 51  Bertild ponders and looks glum
140  Destroy the CLINKER 6/6			[Ironheart]		Korzen
434  Leave and approach the Barbican
317  A hissing sound comes from behind you
347  Fight two SPIRIT HUNTERS 6/6 6/6 together
366  Approach the gatehouse and its guardians
443  Use the Shade special ability
354  You have no choice but to fight them
196  Fight both DREAD KNIGHTS 9/9 8/9 together				Korzen
323  Climb the staircase to the left
271  Dominate Falstaff's drink-addled will
225  You exert your will against the old man
206  His body is yours to command					Wi+1
343  You can dominate the mind of another	[Spook]
206  Return to the ground floor gate		[Gateway]		Lu+1
 20  Climb the staircase through the right
 85  Fight DREAD KNIGHTS 8/8 8/9 9/8 in pairs				Korzen
 59  Go down the spiral staircase
115  Leave Toadstone and climb to the top	[Combination]
166  You think you know the combination
411* Set the tumblers to 411 - 124
287  Leave the gatehouse			[Automaton]
 20  Pass through into the Inner Ward
 60  You have raised the portcullis
  5  Explore the Blasted Tower first
 34  Wait and see what is manifesting
200  Seeing your father again spurs you on				Lu+1 Wi+1
445  Explore the chapel
260  Explore the graveyard behind the chapel
319  Linger a while within the graveyard
349  You break free of the morbid influence	[Allotted span]		Lu-1 Wi+1
379  Approach the gravedigger
397  You resist the pull of the grave
195  Ask Yorrick about ghosts who might help
 87  You'll need to go into the catacombs
 12  Enter the chapel				[Baying]
274  You gain access with Poltergeist
316  Hide to observe Father Umberto and Oriana				St-4
353  Speak to your sister to calm her down	[Rest in Peace]		Wi-1
377  Ask her where your sword has been taken	[Oriana]
396  Probe Oriana for more information
 48  There is a sudden blaze of light					Lu-1
100  The Dead Winds draw you onward
327  Fight the SIN EATER 8/8			[Watcher]		Sk- St+
 46  You have been given another chance					Sk+ St+ Lu+ Wi+1
445  Explore the well next
232  Defeat the SKELETAL SERPENT 9/12		-Korzen			Wi-
292  Proceed along the passageway
 88  Continue straight on at the crossroads
 10  You search elsewhere			[Catacombs]		St-2
264  Follow the passageway to your left
235* Answer "Time"
 47  Ask Aramanthus about ghostly abilities
350  He schools you in using your powers				Lu+1 Wi+2
263  You are able to change your appearance	[Specter]
440  You leave the vault			[Banshee], Fizzgig
264  Leave the catacombs altogether
445  Explore the feast hall			Korzen
 95  Remain unobserved
 65  Approach Blondel the Bard
130  Announce your presence to him
147  You resist the Bard's magical lyre
187  You make yourself invisible and flee	[Bard]
227  Keep watching Marrok and Unthank
298  Follow the chamberlain
384  Wait and see what unfolds
250  The veil between worlds is torn asunder
100  The grim gate stands before you
286  Say that you seek revenge
256  Stick with your answer
226* The name of the villain is "Unthank"
 98  He is known to the Watcher			Black Hourglass
 73  You are back in the land of the living	[Judgement]		Sk+ St+ Lu+ Wi+1
 58  Try traveling to other places
188  You know of a way to travel
  7  You dismount at Frostfinger		-Korzen
168  Use the Spirit ability to cross the lake
126  Take the left staircase
 82  Fight the COLDCLAW 10/11 and go right				At-
 62  Use Apparition to take the left staircase
 18  You set off back down the staircase	Spirit Stone [333]
304  Defeat the WINTER KING 11/14
277  Fly away from here							Lu+2 Wi+2
209  You depart the frozen domain
 29  You are surprised by savage barking	Korzen
320  Overcome the DREAD KNIGHT 9/9
117  You come across a grim scene
376  Battle the ZOMBIE EXECUTIONER 7/10					Korzen
 91  You approach the moat-bridge					Lu-1
394  You feel the volcano-fury of the Golem
 93  Use the Spirit special ability
312  Land on the other side of the moat
337  Acquire physical form with the Automaton
427  You take possession of the armor
439  Visit the catacombs first			[Armored]		Lu+2 Wi+1
 11  Renounce this Queen's claim over you
246  Answer "I do not intend to die again"
305  A whirlwind of power fills the chamber
340  Vanquish the BONE-FIRE 7/6						St+3
321  The spell is broken
358  Defeat the WRAITH QUEEN 9/10					At-
373  You still have a physical form					St+5
392  You leave the catacombs			Nightslayer		Lu+2 Wi+1
276  You approach the moat-bridge
394  The Hellfire Golem pounds towards you
194  Overcome the HELLFIRE GOLEM 9/12		[Hellfire]		Korzen, Lu+1
122  Escape the MOAT MONSTER 9/11					Korzen
449  Continue on your way as you are
403  Your physical form may investigate		[Physical +30]
170* Answer "Three score and ten"
 70* Answer "Death"
 38* Answer "Unthank" x2
178  Prepare to fight whatever is manifesting
110  The battle is going to be legendary
183  Defeat the CHIMERICAL BONEBEAST 9/11				Korzen, At-
236  Pause for a bit of treasure-hunting
273  Leave via the north-west spiral staircase	Shield, Ruby, Ironbane	Sk+1
294  Use Fizzgig's Banish Spirit ability
424  Take the book and leave the chamber	Codex Mortis
205  Enter the slightly ajar door
185  You have some Ironbane
128  You leave the torture chamber quickly	-Ironbane
 56* You still have a physical form
 86  Take the flask and leave			Oil of Midnight
436  Go left at the junction
289  Unlock the sturdy oak door
315  Enter the cell and help Iago the Gaoler
332  Fight each TORMENT 8/7 7/7 and go					St+7
416* Your physical form opens the Spirit Door
446  Attack the snarling creature
432  Slay the MUTANT MOON DOG 9/10					Korzen
 53  You leave the Moon Dog's cell		Soul Shield		Sk+1
182  You are prepared to fight
219  Slay CATACOMB CRAWLER 9/7 and continue				Korzen
111* You have a physical form
141  Lift the weapon from the statue
412  Fight six DEATHLINGS			Amethyst Blade		Korzen
     6/3 6/2 5/3 6/4 6/3 7/2 three at a time
154  Step into the pool and wade across
222  Something awful rises from the remains				Wi-1
430  You have the Oil of Midnight
280  The Necros screams as it begins to burn	-Oil of Midnight
401  You hurry through the gate
243  Battle the GATEKEEPER 10/10					Korzen
309  Take your time to consider your actions
241  Use the Spirit Stone
104* You know how many faces it has
333  Go after the Necromancer himself		-Spirit Stone
367  You are carrying the Soul Shield
165  You have a Black Hourglass
410  Unthank topples face-first, dead at last	-Black Hourglass
423  You experience a sense of dislocation				Lu+1 Wi+2
275  You take a sharp breath in surprise
448  You shall not bow				Leather armor,		Sk+ St+ Lu+
159  You do not fear death
375  Use the Codex Mortis
435  You force the powers to aid you					Wi-2
184  The Shadow King is dragged back
450  It is the beginning of a new day