This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Wyrmbiter, leather armor,
						backpack, lantern, tinderbox,
						10 Provisions, 17 GP,
						Hunting Horn, Sun Talisman
  1  Make for the thick of the hailstorm				Fireday
 59  You break into the eye of the ice storm				Lu-1
100  You are wearing a Sun Talisman
 43  The warming power will protect you
100  Defeat the ICE ELEMENTAL 7/7
 62  Travel south to the storm's origin
111  Keep following the trail south					St+1 Earthday
158  Infiltrate the barbarian camp by stealth
307  Quietly slip away and continue south
328  You retrace your steps through the camp
175  Face the Lendlelander horsemen in battle
264  Fight both HORSEMEN 8/7 7/7 together
277  You hide the bodies and hurry on your way	5 GP, 2 Provisions, Sabretooth Fang
142  Follow the fast-flowing river					St+1 Windsday
182  Defeat the UNDINE 7/7 and continue
 51  Destroy the WEATHERCOCK 7/6
 94  Break the large iron-banded door down
164  The door bursts open
247  Wait and face whatever is taking shape
 67  Destroy the STEAM GOLEM 8/10		[Rennaps]
117  Ascend the spiraling staircase
220  Continue up the stairs
281  You are prepared to fight
311  Defeat each FULGURITE 6/4 5/5 6/5		[7, 9, 10]
351  Take a closer look at the flask
377  Ascend the staircase to the next floor	Spark of Life [6]
392  Enter the turret room
209  Look through the large telescope
239  Take a closer look at the plans					Lu+1
289  Descend and explore the dungeon levels	Blueprints [13]
160  Listen at the small iron door
285  Keep on heading down the stairs
188  Look at the backpacks more closely
202  You swap the backpack for your own		-Backpack,		Lu-1
						Unusual Backpack [2]
233  Leave the tower altogether
398  You make your way back without incident
324  You travel to Chalannabrad for answers
296  The trek is uneventful but time-consuming				St+2 Highday
286  Ask Matteus for help with earth					St+2 Moonsday
306  He hands you an earthenware bottle		Giant Strength
193  Travel to Mount Pyre first
 22  Look for practical	equipment					St+3 Windsday
 41  Scour the market for more unusual items	-10 GP, Breastplate
 70  Leave Crystal City and continue		-12 GP, Wyrmskin Cloak	St+1 Seaday
189  Continue on foot along the waterway
232  Kill the HOBGOBLIN CHIEF 7/7 and three				St+2 Stormsday
     HOBGOBLIN BANDITS 6/6 6/6 7/6 together
109  Turn right in the curving passageway
219  Keep to your current course
249  Venture into the cave to claim the crystal
269  You leave and return to the last junction	Fire Crystal [F]
319  Go left now
339  Proceed with caution over the bridge
265  You make the jump, landing on the far side
185  Turn left at the junction
155  You return and take the other path		Fire Crystal [I]
125  Fight both BONE-FIRES 7/6 6/6 together
103  Keep heading towards the magma flow
141  Cross the fiery river using the stones
312  Stand and fight the hardening Magma Beast
191  Fight both MAGMA BEASTS 8/9 7/8 together
251  Continue along the larger tunnel		Fire Crystal [L]
274  Slay the FIREWYRM 9/11						At+2
314  You follow the tunnel into the volcano	10 GP, Warhammer,	Lu+1
						Fire Crystals [A, S]
344  Go right in the Fire Tunnels					Sk-1
364  Pass between the stone jaws
384  You pass unscathed, and again to return				Lu-1
300  You run back and head on along the tunnel	Fire Crystal [H]
245* You have six Fire Crystals
 55  The Elemental screams its frustration	-Fire Crystals, [Vulcanus]
114  Go left in the ruddy-walled tunnel		{Time 1}
174  Head right	at the junction			{Time 2}
224  Keep going straight on			{Time 3}
304  You sprint for the opening			{Time 4}		Lu+1
388  Travel to the Eelsea next						Sk+1 St-1 Lu+1 Fireday
143  You have a Sabretooth Fang						St+2 Windsday
329  Fight SCARRED RUFFIAN 7/7			-Giant Strength		At+2
            BRUTAL BRIGAND 6/6
                HIRED THUG 7/6
            LUMBERING LOUT 6/7 then
        VARICK OATHBREAKER 8/10 in pairs
371  Another two days takes you to the coast	8 GP, Ruby,		St+2 Lu+1 Highday
						Healing Elixir
 50  Visit the city's markets
 91  Search the city for underwater breathing	-8 GP, -Ruby, -leather armor,
						chainmail armor, Potion of Strength
121  Visit the Academy of Naval Sorcerers
221  Hire the wizard Prospero Seacharmer	-10 GP, Prospero
252  You have Prospero Seacharmer with you
272  The night at sea is uneventful					Lu-1
359  Call on the aid of Prospero Seacharmer	-Unusual Backpack	St+1 Stormsday
393  You run for the wet embrace of the sea	-Prospero		Sk+1
315  Make for the wreck of a galleon
337  Swim up to the deck
317  Kill each HAMMERHEAD 7/8 7/7 and explore
287  Lift the key from the skeleton's neck
257  Explore inside the hull			Golden Key [17]
217  Break the heavy-looking door down
177* You have a Golden Key that fits the chest
 17  Put on the crown and pilfer the coffer	10 GP, Coral Crown,	Lu+1
						Ruby Ring, Large Diamond
163  Fight the SKELETON CREW 6/12 and escape
  6  Keep heading towards the cave
 46  Fight through the REEF DWELLERS 7/10
 76  You kick free of the monster's mouth
116  You swim towards the rift			[Retsnom]
146  Brave the innards of the Bullwhale
 31  Slay the WHALE-WORM 6/6 and proceed	Dragon Shield
179  Attempt to flee
282  The Leviathan closes on the Abyssal Horror
200  You make for the Sunken Temple		[-Retsnom]		Lu+1
222  Take the innocuous-seeming sea shell
321  Explain your reasons for seeking aid
341  You are wearing a Coral Crown
381  You set off for the surface again		Shell of the Seas [12]	Lu+1
318* You have a shell with you			Prospero		Sk-1
 12  You can hear a name being whispered	[Oceanus]
318  Give Katarina half of the treasure		Unusual Backpack
 69  Head for the Witchtooth Line		-Coral Crown,		St+1 Moonsday
						-Large Diamond, -Prospero
157  Join the hunter after the Stormdrake				St+3 Windsday
313  You put your tracking skills to good use
357  Explore the cavern to the left					St+1 Seaday
378  You return to the main chamber		Rope and Grapple, Potion of Levitation,
						Bow and quiver with 6 arrows
246  Kill two HATCHLINGS 7/7 6/7		-1 arrow		Bow, At+2
 32  You have another quest to complete		[Mortsleam]		Lu+1
386  You bid Sylas farewell and go on your way				St+2 Stormsday
250  Go in search of Brokk the brewer
 57  You can find your own way through the mine
 98  Sample Brokk's wares then set off		-5 GP, -Ruby Ring,	St+1 Moonsday
						Cadwallader's Cider, Wyvern's Wing
190  Follow the tunnel to the right
  5  Keep to your present course
310  Go right along a dusty corridor
227  Slay the FERROVORE 7/9 and go straight on	-1 arrow		Bow, At+1
399  Clamber over the edge of the waterfall
  9  You have a Rope and Grapple
 80  Go right heading downwards again
387  Pause to drink from the pool
132  The water has a restorative effect					St+
171  Kill both GIANT BATS 5/7 5/6		-1 arrow		Bow, At+1
273  Take the statuette with its bonds intact
293  Destroy BOULDER BEASTS 8/11 8/10 together	-1 arrow,		Bow, At+1 Lu+1
						Clay Statuette [Arkholith]
 10  Make for the Howling Plains
 36  Take up the Mayor's offer of hospitality				St+1 Fireday
161  The next morning you set off again					Sk+ St+ Lu+2 Highday
 83  Blow a Hunting Horn to help the balloonist
123  The sandstorm breaks up before your eyes				Lu+1
223  You thank Corbo and set off again south	[Noollab]
263  Take the left-hand path between the cliffs				St+1 Stormsday
303  Head right at the fork
208  Take the left-hand path to the wailing
 79  Follow the left-hand fork
119  You emerge from the Screaming Canyon				Lu-1
166  You have a Rope and Grapple
256  Reply that you have come seeking aid
108* Tell the Keeper of the Four Winds "Seven"
  7  Now you must be about your quest		[Zephyrus]		Lu+1
159  You set off again							St+1 Moonsday
394  Attempt to reach the eye of the storm
350  You have visited four locations
237  You see Corbo's balloon sailing overhead	[Mortsleam]		Lu+1
149  A reptilian cry breaks like thunder
363  You have a Hunting Horn
342  The Stormdrake tumbles away from you
 14* You have a set of Blueprints		{Damage 0}
 39  You have a better idea of what awaits you
 14  Explore the top deck first
258  Open the snowflake door
236  Defeat both BRASS MONKEYS 7/8 7/8		-1 arrow, {Damage 1}	Bow, At-1
258  Open the sun door
213  Smash the large lens
192  The lens shatters under the impact		{Damage 2}		St-
258  Leave the top deck and explore elsewhere
391  Explore the bottom deck
 54  Open the unmarked door
184  Take a look at the Log Book
215  Open the other wooden door			[270, 072]
259  Cut the inter-connecting ropes
288  You return to the landing			{Damage 4}		Lu+1
 54  Open the spiral-marked door
 86  Attack the bellows with your sword
101  Return to the bottom-deck landing		{Damage 5}
 54  Leave and explore elsewhere
391  Explore the bilges next
302  You suddenly notice something
336  Inspect the artificial man
385* You have something which might fit inside
325* Try setting the tumblers to a number	-Spark of Life
270  You climb back up the rusty ladder		[Notamotua]
 54  Leave and explore elsewhere
391  Explore the middle deck
126  Open the aft door
110  Defeat all six FULGURITES			-1 arrow		Bow
     6/5 6/4 5/5 6/5 5/4 6/5 in pairs
 97  You hear heavy clanging steps behind you
 15  You leave the scene of utter devastation	{Damage 8},		Lu+1
126  Open the door to the fore
380  The iron giant is guarding another door
362  The damage has weakened the Juggernaut
331  The machine strides towards you
262  Deactivate the JUGGERNAUT 10/12
241* You turn its three barrel tumblers
172  The Juggernaut grinds to an immediate halt				Lu+1
156  You have not started a fire
368* You know the name of Zephyrus
230* You know the name of Oceanus
 78* You know the name of Vulcanus
113* You possess a Clay Statuette
102  Gradually your vision clears
397  Battle BALTHAZAR STURM 10/10		-Potion of Levitation
 56* You have an Unusual Backpack
 28  You make ground-fall with hardly a scratch
400  You are Stormslayer, Savior of Femphrey