Howl of the Werewolf

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						backpack, lantern, tinderbox,
						10 Provisions, 8 GP
  1  Seize the initiative and charge the wolf
147  Battle the BLACK WOLF 7/8
271  Defeated by blood loss, you black out				St-2
111  Take a closer look at the changing hand
139  Keep the morbid curiosity			Signet Ring
290  Go in search of Grandmother Zekova					Ch+3
302  Simply ask her to prepare the concoction
358  You swallow the potion in a single gulp				Ch-1
382  The wolves are attacking the cottage
 37  Fight all the WOLVES 6/5, show Signet Ring
369  You must destroy the Were-bloodline	[Avokez]
124  Fight the BLACK WEREWOLF 7/7
229  Go straight to Ulrich's aid
107  Fight the WEREBEAR 8/10						Ch+
200  Enter the village of Strigoiva
116  Tell the man you are a sword-for-hire
268  Help the villagers battle the Howling				St+4
 40  Ask Konrad about another matter
 61  Ask about the House of Wulfen
283  Count Varcolac is head of the family now
395  Dip the tip of your sword in the water
407  Follow Konrad and the other villagers
497  The mist thickens in front of you
298  You dipped your sword in water earlier
276  Destroy the SPECTRAL WOLF 7/8					Lu+1
443  Follow the road to the north					St+4 Lu+1
160  You come in sight of a coaching inn
190  Stand and face the phantom rider
462  His shot misses you
501  Defeat the HEADLESS HIGHWAYMAN 8/8					At-1
411  You sprint for the safety of the inn				Lu-1
  6  Spend the night at The Gibbet Tree
131  Try speaking to the intense young man	-3 GP			St+4
220  Engage the landlord in conversation	[Retsis]
155  Speak to the landlord's daughter
188  You retire to your room
258  Fight the TABLE 5/6 and CHAIR 6/4 together
 72  Satisfy your curiosity and investigate
429  Enter the room and explore further
449  Force the lock open with your sword
481  You manage to pry the box open		Flintlock Pistol
400  You may use your Pistol before combat
481  You leave the room feeling uneasy
226  Burst into the stable without hesitation
205  Wipe out the markings on the floor
241  You have broken the girl's power
 76  Morning comes and you are on your way				Lu+0
 69  This must be the traveling circus
  4  Pay the fee and enter the Carnivale now
134  Visit Archer's Arrows first		-2 GP
104  You beckon Archer's assistant to one side	4 GP
117  You feel the glow of a good job well done				Lu+1
167  Visit Madame Zelda, Mistress of Mystery
149  Cross her palm with gold			-1 GP
224  You decide not to hang around any longer	[Dloterof]
167  Visit the Hall of Mirrors
 63  You are overwhelmed by paranoia
 78  You run out of the Hall of Mirrors		[Egnarts]		Ch+1
167  Visit Crookshanks' Cabinet of Curiosities
 41  You have seen enough			[Egnarts]
167  Leave the Carnivale
186  There is something strange going on
209  Sneak back this evening to investigate
238  Hide in the large tent to your left	-2 GP			St+4
370  Slay SERPENSA THE SNAKEWOMAN 9/9					At-1 Sk-
385  Search the tent				[Rellik]		Lu+1
402  Leave the Carnivale at this juncture	Silver Dagger
 29  Travel south-east into the forest
508  Investigate the mansion further
487  Fight the WOLF-WERE 8/8						Ch+
472  Tell the scholarly man the truth
403  Four tomes have caught your attention
357  Study "A History of the Cadre Infernal"
328  Skim "Grymm's Folk-lore of Lupravia"	[Cadre Infernal -50]
301  Vereticus returns to the library		[Shiversprite]
260* Ask Vereticus about the Cadre Infernal
210  You have a Silver Dagger
165  You show Vereticus the exquisite blade
260  Politely decline to drink the potion
193  You thank him and leave the estate
 46  Follow the Maun path south-east
438  The season is not the only change
 20  The lycanthropy is steadily spreading				iSk+1 iSt+2 Ch+1
 51  You have gained a howl like a wolf		[Call of the Wild]
103  You think you know the ice sprite's name
118* Shout "Shiversprite"
168  Shiversprite evaporates into thin air				Lu+1
314  You come in sight of another village
250  Your nature wishes you could help
413  Talk to the priest doing his rounds
177  Challenge the Countess in her lair		{Alarm 0}
 56  Use the Call of the Wild special ability
 71  You approach the tower unhindered
102  Explore the ground floor first
126  You find kitchens and storage rooms	3 Provisions, Silver Candlesticks
  7  Explore the first floor
187  Take one of the shields
203  Take one of the maces down from the wall	Shield
278  Escape the ANIMATED ARMOR 8/8		Mace, {Alarm 1}		Shield
  7  Explore the second floor
217  Examine the wall-length mirror closely
232  Destroy the STONE GRIFFIN 8/9, find a gap	{Alarm 2}		Shield
269  You feel more confident about the mission	[Destroyed coffin], {Alarm 3}
  7  Explore the seventh floor
273  Escape the FLOCK OF BATS 5/10					Ch+1, Call, Shield
  7  Explore the crypt
297  You have a lantern
320  Defeat each ZOMBIE 5/6 6/5 5/5 6/6		{Alarm 4}		Shield
333  Destroy the coffin and head back		[Destroyed coffin]
  7  Explore the cellar
138  Drink some of the clear spirit
171  Drink some of the red wine						At+1 St+3
153  The wolf in you luxuriates at the taste				Lu-1 Ch+1
  7  Explore the sixth floor
435  You cannot risk tarrying here
477  You force yourself to look away
 52  Kill the WEREBAT 8/8						Call, Shield, At+1 Sk- Ch+
 68  You have a pair of Silver Candlesticks
 17  The Vampiress recoils from the holy symbol
245  You have destroyed two coffins
263  Search her chambers for treasures					Lu+2
325  You run back down the winding staircase	20 GP, Gilt Mirror, lodestone,
						brass telescope, Silver Dagger
346  You feel the oppressive atmosphere lift
373  The next day you set off again north
350  Investigate the ruins to the west
  5  Persist with your investigations
249  You have a lantern
101  Your vision blurs momentarily
 33  Your vision of the vault is gone
214  Climb down into the pit
 24  You reach the bottom of the pit safely				Lu-1
221  Slay the LURKING HORROR 9/10					Call, Shield
174  Reach into the water and take the blade
267  Climb out of the pit			-Sword, Wulfen Sword	At+1 Lu+1
154  Defeat THE MALICE 8/9						Shield, At+1
143  Make for the sanctuary to the east
 11  Ring the bell pull
 58  Tell the monk you need shelter
129  Settle down for the night			-1 Provision		St+4
164  You slide into a fetid darkness below
194  Take the pipe-like passage to your left
242  Kill both GIANT FLIES 6/5 5/6					Call, Shield
261  Risk crossing the maggot-pool
293  Reach into the slime
307  Your hand begins to burn			Silver Dagger,		St-1
322  The tunnel soon ends at a circular grille
341  Continue straight ahead
421  Creep carefully across the fungus room
461  You make your way between the fungi
475  You enter another stone-walled corridor				Lu+1
492  Take the right-hand turn at the junction
181  You pass through a torture chamber
356  See what you might glean from the archive
401  Kill each VERMIS LIBRIS 7/7 8/6		[Crucius]		Call, Shield
 88  You take a deep breath and step through
156  You hear an ominous staccato drumming				Lu-1
 80  Fight the MANDIBLED MONK 7/7					Call, Shield
              and MANTIS MONK 8/6 together
262  You take out the Silver Dagger you found
365  You sense the monstrosity recoil from it
262* Call on Saint "Crucius"
 94  The maggot writhes in torment					Lu+1
426  Kill the MAGGOT 3/8						Call, Shield
114  Come the morning you are on your way again				Lu+1
500  Avail yourself of Vargenhof's services
 82  Spend time perusing the alchemist's stall
 54  Peruse the market for practical equipment	-16 GP, -Silver Candlesticks,
						Healing Potion, Elixir of Expertise,
						6 silver bullets
170  Join the hunting party by the town hall	-8 GP, Breastplate
201  Join Straub's Beast Hunt alone
456  Look in the crags to the north
330  Enter the cave mouth immediately
 70  Go through the green crystal path
 31  Drink from the natural pool
185  The dark water is wonderfully refreshing				St+3
 31  Proceed through a hole in the cavern floor
 97  Defeat each GIANT JUMPING SPIDER 7/4 6/5,				Call, Shield, At-
     take a tunnel channeling moist breeze
368  Linger and search the web-bound bodies
 85  You leave the cave				8 GP, Silver Dagger, [Snilbog]
368  Take a tunnel blowing a damp breeze
 97  Take a narrow crawl-space out of the cave
122  Search the Dwarf's body
266  You must decide which way to go		Potion of Fortune
122  Go along a stalactite-hung passageway
442  The Spider-Queen stalks towards you
  2  Keep a tight hold of the Silver Dagger
162  The spider-woman lets out a scream
252  Slay ARANAEA THE SPIDER-QUEEN 10/12	-1 silver bullet	Pistol, Call, Shield, At-
364  Leave the cave network altogether		14 GP, pearls,		Lu+1
						Silver Crown, gemstones
331  You emerge into the clearing
244  Battle the WEREBEAST 8/11			-1 silver bullet	Pistol, Call, Shield, At+1 Ch+
334  Strike at Burgomaster Straub		Katya, [Aytak]
 62  Urge Katya to take the fork in the road
 48  You have left the hunting pack behind
239  The horses make the jump over the bridge
502  You skillfully take control of the horses
112  You have a pistol to fire
 49  The Werebeast crashes down on the coach	-1 silver bullet
480  You and Katya ride towards Wulfenstein				Lu+2
 20  The curse is making you stronger					iSk+1 iSt+2 Ch+1
469  Your reflexes have become sharper		[Quickening]		iSk+1
140  You ride accompanied by Katya
196  Kill the WEREWARG 7/8			-1 silver bullet	Pistol, Shield, At+1 Ch+
387  You enter Castle Wulfen			-Katya, Crossbow, 6 silver quarrels
510  Progress along the passageway to the left
319  Call out to the crone
280  Kill the GIANT TOAD 6/7			-1 silver quarrel	Crossbow, Call, Shield
 65  Fight the CRONE 6/6			-1 silver quarrel	Crossbow, Call, Shield, Sk- Lu- Ch+
359  Let the witch live
183  Finish her, just to be sure		[Map Room -50]		Lu+1
 50  Leave and ascend the grand staircase				Lu+1
146  Enter the Map Room
180* Look for a secret door within the picture
130  Climb the narrow stone staircase
512  Try to dodge the pendulum blade
471  You cautiously approach the scything blade				Lu-1
 42  The pendulum stops swinging
208  Defeat the WAX GOLEM 8/10			-1 silver bullet	Pistol, Shield, At-
264* Say you seek the "Silver Dagger"
127  You return to the Map Room			Silver Dagger		Lu+1
321  You feel the wolf trying to break free
485  You race on along the corridor					Ch+1
158  Choose the door to your left
428  Open the forbidding book
100  Kill the SILENT DEATH 10/10		-1 silver bullet	Pistol, Shield, At+1
459  Take the door to your left			[Ritual 216]
496  Offer the wolf-woman something
349  Offer a Gilt Mirror
312  Depart as instructed			-Gilt Mirror
352  Draw your weapon with no pretense		-Healing Potion		St+ Ch-2
 47  You give voice to a terrible baying cry
247  The huge wolves turn tail and run from you
513  Use some other weapon against the werewolf
230* You are fighting with the "Wulfen" Sword
 81  The sword holds some power over Varcolac				Lu+1
150  Battle the ARCH-LYCANTHROPE 11/13					Call, Shield, At+1 Ch+
503  You master the beast inside your body
285  You might still get out of this alive				Lu+1
189  You manage to defeat Count Varcolac
300* You have collected five daggers
216  You are entirely human again		-5 Silver Daggers
515  Lupravia has been freed from tyranny