This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, 21 GP,
						backpack, lantern, tinderbox,
						-1 GP, [Cinnabar, Mirel the Red]
  1  Charge one of the pirates
357  Fight both PIRATES 6/5 6/7 together, fight
187  Kill the HALF-OGRE 8/9						At-
328  Visit the notorious Gambling Pits		[Silas Gallows, Keelhaul Jack,
						Crivens, Malu the Witchdoctor]
303  Investigate the Arrow of Providence
 81  Play the popular game of chance
346  You win the jackpot			8 GP
260  You hear a gruff voice whisper					Lu-1
109  Move on to Calabrius's Calculator		[Dnalsi]
294  Accept Calabrius's challenge
364* Work out the next number in the sequence	-2 GP
121  Leave the Gambling Pits			10 GP			Lu+1
207  You have been given a sealed envelope	Iron key [101], {2 Hours}
334  Search the markets
365  Look for practical equipment
351  Look around the Bazaar for exotic items	-10 GP, Antidote x3, 3 Gas-Globes
 42  Buy the Ivory Lion Charm			-7 GP
301  The charm will protect from voodoo		Ivory Lion Charm
 42  Buy the Shark's Teeth Bracelet		-5 GP
170  The bracelet may prove useful		Shark's Teeth Bracelet [38]
 42  Buy the Potion of Giant-Strength		-8 GP
374  There is only one dose of this potion	Giant-Strength
 42  Buy the Lock of Elvin's Hair		-6 GP
165  This lock of hair will bring good fortune	Lock of Elvin's Hair
 42  You have made your purchases
200  You bought the Ivory Lion Charm
227  Leave the markets to continue your quest	[Madame Galbo 100]
111  Follow the roguish pirate			{3 Hours}
 64  Go back the way you have just come
266  Fight both DEVOTEES 7/5 6/6 together
126  You duck to avoid being hit by the dagger
173  You close in on the old pirate
318  Battle CRIVENS 8/7 and monkey					At-1
377  You remember the message you overheard	6 GP, Crab Doubloon, Throwing Dagger
 17  Enter the Cartographer's shop
288  Prompt the Dwarf's memory with Gold Pieces
156  You thank Mundi Pelago and go on your way	-2 GP, [Bone Island 370 east]
334  Start looking for the pirates' secret base
 51  Night has already fallen
287* Go to Mandrake's Lane
100  Pay for Madame Galbo's help
382  Ask her to prepare you a compound		-4 GP
261  The wisewoman gives you a stoppered gourd	Zombie Dust x4
239  Start looking at the docks			{4 Hours}
 67  The anchor misses by a hair's breadth				Lu-1
321  You prepare for combat
231  Defeat the ANCHOR MAN 9/10						Dagger
159  You give up looking here			6 GP, [Rohcna, Leviathan], {5 Hours}
 52  Search the ruined lighthouse
146  Investigate the flickering light
184  Fight the WRECKERS 7/5 6/7 8/7 together				Dagger
369  Investigate the lighthouse further		5 GP, Skeleton Key, [Enutrof]
296  Leave Mallan's Point			Candle, dice,		Lu+1
						3 Provisions, [Crossbones]
309  Go to the cemetery				{6 Hours}
 83  You notice movement in a darkened alleyway
 40  Fight SILAS GALLOWS 7/7						Dagger
              and WU-LIN 8/6 together
119  You have a Crab Doubloon
175  The smugglers stop outside an old tomb	Crab Doubloon		Lu-1
247* You know the "Crossbones" password		{7 Hours}
129  Go left at the junction
221  Make a thorough search of the hideout
305  You uncover a peculiar Blue Gem in a box	10 GP, 5 Provisions	Lu-1
199  You head in the other direction		Blue Gem [8], {8 Hours}
 13  Attack the beast with your sword
 78  Fight the NINE-TAILS 10/10						Dagger
235  Open the door leading onwards
323  The hall is packed with pirates
333* You have a Shark's Teeth Bracelet		-Backpack, -sword
 38  Open the unmarked door to the left		Backpack, sword		Lu+1
127  You concentrate and step into the circle
 44  Kill MALU THE WITCHDOCTOR 9/8					Dagger
366  Open the door to the right			Amulet, Skeleton Artifact, wand
141  Prefer not to linger here
233  Descend the staircase
211  You dodge the pan of scalding water
 35  Defeat BLADDERWRACK THE COOK 8/10					Dagger
285  Go through the door marked "Captain"	4 Provisions		St+4
 97  Take a closer look at the globe
349  Examine the chest				24 GP, diamond necklace
316  Examine the ship in a bottle		Bottle of Rum, clothes
 29  Smash the bottle
293  It is time to leave Cinnabar's cabin	Map [460 south]		St-1 Lu-1
233  Open the far door
191  Evade all three PIRATES 6/ 5/ 7/
 79  Kill the GREAT WHITE SHARK 9/10					At-2
186  You sight a vessel in the distance
257* You know where the Virago was headed
 90  Go around the Crab Reefs
297  You rest and recover your strength					Sk+1 St+6
168  Persuade Conyn to approach the ghost ship
390  Board the Sea Maiden to explore it further
238  Stand your ground
289  Open the right-hand door						Lu+1
202  You control your fear and stay calm
116  Leave the room and descend to the hold
 26  Fight CAPTAIN VELYARDE 10/10					Dagger
395  You rush back to the deck and disembark	[Nediam]		Lu+1
153  You come to on a sandy beach					St-
300  Search the wreckage that washed ashore
281  You find
145  A corked Bottle of Rum still intact	Bottle of Rum
300  Search for food
242  You find coconuts and bananas		3 Provisions
300  Look for other survivors
 66  Try to communicate with the creature
358  Offer Balinac something
183  Give the primitive a Bottle of Rum
268  Go	with the primitive			-Bottle of Rum
 24  Examine the potions
217  Drink the "Essence of Expertise"
154  You feel more dexterous and clear-headed				Sk+
217  Drink the "Infusion of Fate"
178  It has the effect of a Potion of Fortune				iLu+1
217  Study the "Mythica"
 47  Study the "Arcanum"			[Spirit Jewel, bone weapon]
  5  Learn one charm and leave the cell		Fortune's Favor
385  You dodge the silk strand
144  Fight the SCARACHNA 11/12			-1 Gas-Globe		Dagger
292  Change course totally and go southwards
 68  Pause and explore the ruined village
117  You set off again south
197  Defeat the GIANT MOSQUITO 7/6					Dagger, Lu+1
262  Talk to the old man about the island				St+2
381  Ask Scrimshaw about Blackscar's treasure
360  Agree to give Scrimshaw a present		-Skeleton Artifact
 41  Set off to find Blackscar's treasure	[Cursed hoard]
110  Use your lantern to enter the caverns
 80  Fight each VAMPIRE BAT 5/4 5/5 5/4					Dagger
148  You leave the bat's chamber and continue				Lu-1
 21  The spears just miss your back
196  Continue forwards
228  Dive into the murky water
 71  Take a closer look at the bone weapon
306  Destroy the TREASURE GOLEM 9/10					Dagger, At+1
251  Leave the caves straight away		-Sword, bone sword	At+1
279  Something else is close by
192  Three pirates emerge from the undergrowth
371  Fight JANGO 7/6 KEELHAUL JACK 8/7		8 GP, Bottle of Rum	Dagger
               SIMA THE MONKEY MAN 7/7
397  Enter the village of mud huts
274  You do not have a Darkwood Armband
113  You must take the Test of the Warrior
 50  You cross the log safely
259  Choose the Challenge of the Shell
290  You succeed in lifting the huge shell
142  You are using a bone sword			Wristband, [Ramatu]	St+4 Lu+1
 23  Attack the SPIRIT-BEAST 10/12		[Nightdeath]		At+1
277  Head into the mountains			Bolarang
115  You are horrified to see human skulls				Lu-1
283  The rope bridge holds						Lu-1
378  Proceed through the archway to the left
216  Search the chamber for any useful items
314  Open the flag-draped coffin		Splintered balustrade
 36  Take the Scorpion Talisman from the corpse
 89  Look for something else to use					Lu-1
108  Use a broken balustrade
189  You plunge the stake into the creature	-Splintered balustrade	Lu+1
319  Leave this macabre chamber			Scorpion Talisman
166  Pass through the right-hand arch
255  Poison darts miss just above your head				Lu-1
 86  You'll have to be more careful
 48  Enter the bizarre statue room
 88  Leave and take the other tunnel
295  The ledge falls away behind you
363  Go left in the passageway
 91  Fight the withered guards
 28  Fight each MASK ZOMBIE 8/6 8/6		-1 Zombie Dust		Bolarang, At+1
265  Help whoever is imprisoned here
169  The tribespeople give you information	[Tribal masks,		Lu+1
						back two forward two]
 57  You throw yourself over the pit
308  Go left in the rough-hewn corridor
149  Engage the mindless guards in combat
226  Fight each MASK ZOMBIE 8/7 8/6		-1 Zombie Dust		Bolarang, At+1
291  Solve the puzzle to open the door
372* Knock 25 times 11 times
275  Try to destroy the huge crystal
203  Fight the SNAKES 8/11						Bolarang
331  You get away fairly unscathed					Lu-1
104  You leave the crystal room			[Dehsams]		St-2
329  Hold your breath through the smoke
185  Go on past the door without hesitation
151  Run for the exit
201  Kill the SCARACHNA 11/12			-1 Gas-Globe		Bolarang
 30  You know the nightmares are not real
248  The phantasms vanish
 82  You have weakened the High Priest's powers
324  Fight RAMATU 10/9							Bolarang, At-1
  7  Take the fist-sized pearl						Lu+1
388  Take the fetish as well			Usai pearl		Sk+ St+ Lu+2
210  Leave the temple without further delay	Quezkari fetish
188  The Sea Maiden is gliding into the lagoon				St-1
352  The fireball crashes into the deck					Lu-1
232  A red-haired woman leaps into your way
298  Fight MIREL THE RED 11/10			-1 Gas-Globe		Bolarang
214  You dodge the crossbow bolt
375  You prepare to attack			-Giant-Strength		St+
182  Defeat CINNABAR 12/16 and Jezebel					Bolarang, At+2
152  You have a fetish
398  Use something against the skeletal horror	-Quezkari fetish	Lu+1
361* Use a Blue Gem
  8  The Arch-Spirit advances on you					Lu+1
177* You are using "Nightdeath" made of bone
 96  Defeat QUEZKARI 10/12						At+2
400  The Pirates of the Black Skull are no more