Eye of the Dragon

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, tunic,
						10 Provisions,
						10 GP, emerald eye
  1  Go straight down the steps into the gloom
 69  Turn left in the stone-walled corridor
186  Force the large oak door open
389  The door flies open
 26  Look in the mirror hanging on the wall
 51  Smash the mirror with your sword					St-2
258  You leave the room by the door opposite	1 GP, piece of mirror
243  Walk around the shallow pool
322  Enter the candlelit room
158  You avoid the Medusa's stare, reflect it
210  Put the strange necklace around your neck
297  You see two skeletons and leave the room	Snake necklace
281  Enter the half-open door
  6  Pick up the Queen of Spades card
129  You continue your quest			5 GP
112  Enter the room with scratching sounds
 79  Fight each GIANT RAT 5/4 5/3 5/2
229  Drink some of the clear odorless liquid
 32  You feel stronger and continue		Healing potion		St+2
336  Open the formidable-looking iron door
293  Slay the GOBLIN 5/5
146  You leave the room and continue		Chain-mail		Sk+1
173  Wait and see the owner of the evil laugh
103  There is a blinding flash and you pass out
215  Search in the dirt of the prison cell				Sk-2 St-2
 29  Jump down into the room below		Gold nugget
 64  Open the iron chest
131  You leave the disused torture chamber	5 GP, silver box, crystal dagger
317  Walk over the narrow bridge and carry on
193  Go down the right-hand corridor
 20  Drink at the hideous fountain
340  You walk with renewed energy					St+2
136  Sit on the carved stone throne
170  You feel strong and stride up the corridor				Sk+1 St+1
  9  Open the door nailed with rodent skeletons
211  Slam the door shut and hurry on
166  Retrace your steps back to the junction
398  You press on at the junction
 54  Open the slightly ajar door
254  Talk to the ugly old woman
 95  Fight each VAMPIRE BAT 5/4 5/4
241  You are not wearing a gold bracelet
182  Kill 37 Plague Rats						St-
 57  Fight the SNAKE WITCH 10/6
201  Grab the emerald from her hand
357  The cauldron suddenly explodes					St-
226  Tell Vigdis she is ugly
100  You carry on up the corridor		7 GP, garlic, tooth, bronze key #85
323  Carry on walking past the cave entrance
139  Examine the sparkling object
381  Put the crystal pendant around your neck
239  Leave the pendant on			Crystal pendant
 62  You leave the room feeling pleased					Lu+1
365  You land at the bottom of a dark pit				Lu-1
105  Kill the GIANT SPIDER 7/8
 21  You climb slowly out of the pit		Glass ball, stick,	Sk+1 St+1
						broken dagger, iron key #34
 98  Open the unlocked door
167  Try on the iron breastplate
 37  You continue walking up the corridor	Iron breastplate,	Sk+1 Lu+1
						dried leaves
151  Ignore the cries for help and walk on
116  Open the gate and enter the green room
343  Defeat the GREMLIN 4/3
395  Eat some of the green leaf paste
278  The nausea soon passes and you leave	Silver key #14		Sk+1 St+2
142  Stand and fight
 45  Fight each SKELETON 6/5 5/6
309  Wear the heavy iron helmet
121  You are wearing a snake necklace
331  You walk on down the corridor		Runed helmet		Sk+1 Lu+1
134  Open the door painted red
374  Stay in the empty room
153  Tell the trapped wizard about your quest
109  You leave the room				Gold key #325
 65  Follow the chalk arrows to your right
387  Grab the shovel and dig out the objects
290  You have a crystal dagger
367  You watch as the Sandworm crumbles
 47  Open the old wooden chest			Shovel, broken chair, wolf flag
327  Strike the staff on the floor		27 GP
198  Follow the arrows down the corridor	Staff of Thunder	St-1
248  Pull on the thick rope
350  Climb up the rope through the hole
  8  Fight the thieving Niblicks					St-2
231  You are wearing a helmet,						St-1
     fight each NIBLICK 4/3 5/2 3/4
295  Read the rolled up scroll			Bronze shield,		Sk+1 St+2
						copper key #192
 86  Climb down the rope and walk back		[Azang Bazang-zang]
144  You walk straight on at the junction	3 silver coins
304  Open the large wooden door
111  Fight the UGLUKK ORC 8/8
285  You stumble and regain your balance				Lu-1
313  Battle the UGLUKK ORC 8/9
161  Tell the Mercenary you do not need help
213  Search the bodies
299  Search the cavern				2 GP, fish hook, brass bell,
						3 copper buttons
127  Uncork the dark blue glass bottle		2 GP, silver armband
149  Tell the fat man you would like some gold
252  Leave the cavern				15 GP			Lu+1
 76  Carry on walking past the carved chair
220  Open the door etched with strange symbols
277  Turn right at the junction			-1 Provision, Littlebig
202  Pry the lid off the wooden barrel
 50  The spider drops to the floor					Lu-1
118  Break the red clay doll on the floor	Rope
 19  You walk back down the corridor		Ring of Zombie control
234  Reach into the small hole
101  You pull out an old sock and walk on	3 GP, silver cross, kris knife
354  Use one of your magic items
177  Use the Staff of Thunder
333  The evil wizard is nowhere to be seen
291  Talk to the scrawny little old man
 30  You are wearing a silver armband
 56  Follow the left-hand passage
169  Walk on past the large stone chest
156  Pull down on the iron lever
366  Walk along the top of the stepping stones
300  You jump until you reach the floor again
255  Climb through the hole into the cave
303  You climb back out and walk on		[Black Dragon, Gold Dragon]
108  You decide to chase the hooded figure
224  Run after him on your own
 99  Fight each THIEF 6/6 7/5			-Littlebig		St-1
382  You set off again				7 GP, picklock, silver cross,
						silver pin, 2 fish hooks, Littlebig
368  Sleep in the secret dwarf den
123  You leave the den and turn left		Map [white star right]	St+4
330  Take a closer look at the items
143  There are no more hidden Flesh Grubs
102  Open the leather bag
114  Look at the scroll				2 GP, copper bowl, tooth,
						wooden catapult, 3 lead balls
 16  Take the sword				Map [green square]
358  Walk on					-Sword,			Sk+1
						Skullsplitter sword
212  Go down the steps into the stench
197  You have the Skullsplitter sword
 87  Fight the VERMINSPAWN 10/10 with Littlebig
380  Search the cellar
230  Open the heavy iron door
104  Let Littlebig touch the green glass ball
386  You know the "Hole in the Wall" spell
292  Shout "Azang Bazang-zang"
351  Pick up the emerald
  7  You look for a way out of the cave		Emerald eye
266  Battle the GIGANTUS 12/12 with Littlebig
133  Continue looking for a way out of the cave
199  Drink the water in the pool
150  Your eyesight seems to have improved				St+1
301  You have a Ring of Zombie control
 58  Walk on past the leather pouch
376  Climb the staircase cut into the wall
318  You possess a picklock
344  Examine the broken bones
253  Turn around and chase after the figure
 92  You see a white symbol on the wall ahead
308  Go right down the corridor
284  Drink the bowl of steaming soup
 89  Read the sheets of paper						St+1
240  Open the door opposite			[Left one trouble]
312  Speak to Lo Lo Mai
249  Reply "Yes"
235  You trust her and walk through the door	[Web room secret]
396  Open the door with the green square
141  Cut through the cobwebs and search
257  Littlebig flicks the spider off your back				Lu-1
273  You carry on your search of the room
148  Open the large wooden box
289  You move the box away from the wall	Elven Boots		Sk+1
326  Crawl through the secret tunnel
405  Fight the Littlebig to your left		-Littlebig
 97  Fight the DOPPELGANGER 10/10					At-2
 60  Search the cavern first			Littlebig
364  You walk over to the new tunnel		Dragon coin
233  You are carrying a coil of rope
242  You lower yourself over the edge
305  You are wearing Elven Boots
194  You avoid waking the slumbering beast
378  You have some keys
175* Try the silver key first
 14  The silver box clicks open			[Three axe]
227* You have an iron key
 34  The iron box clicks open			[One spear]
227* You have a bronze key
 85  The bronze box clicks open			[Two arrow]
227* You have a gold key
325  The gold box clicks open			[Five dagger]
227* You have a copper key
192  The copper box clicks open			[Four sword]
227  You have finished opening the boxes
390  Pull the spear
298  Pull the arrow
353  Pull the axe
214  Pull the sword first
128  You pull the sword from the wall
185  You have two emerald eyes
 49  Attack SHARCLE 8/8				-Emerald eyes, gold dragon
400  You forget the poison and enjoy yourself