Talisman of Death

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor, 5 torches,
						backpack, flint and tinder,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune
  1  Hold your ground and draw your sword
 30  You are trapped
 13  Say you have come from another world
247  You sense the goodness in these people
100  You resolve to continue the quest		10 GP, Talisman of Death
125  The wizard completes his spell
185  Go through the forest
256  Offer the wolf some dried meat
 52  You leave the idyllic Sacred Grove		-1 Provision, apple	Lu+1
159  The soporific Basilisk does not notice you				Lu-1
267  You hurry quickly on your way
270  Ignore the old woman and hurry on
 65  Pretend that you are deaf and dumb
 35  You ride for some time behind Elvira
197  Duck the ambush
240  Your hands are tied behind your back	-Sword			Sk-2
257  Seize the first opportunity to fight
318  Go quietly to meet Hawkana
351  You are ushered inside the watch-house
 78  Turn down Smith Street			-Talisman of Death
303  Go in the armorers
139  Buy a finished sword
160  You pay the man and leave			-7 GP, sword		Sk+2
104  Attack the cowled figure immediately
 96  Fight the MINON OF DEATH 7/5					Sk-
175  Cautiously, you move on to Silver Street				Sk+
 85  Walk quickly to the jeweler's
278  Leap to the jeweler's aid
286  Fight both THIEVES 6/7 5/6 together
299  You thank Oliol and leave			10 GP, ruby		Lu+1
304  See what the library has to offer
346  Read something about the Gods
336  You realize it has grown dark and leave
186  You do not have the Talisman of Death				St-2
150  You are held fast in the jaws of the trap
128  Accept the man's offer and go with him
143  Tell him the whole story						St+4
 98  Go to the Red Dragon Inn			5 GP, ring, jade rose	Sk+1
 57  Pick up the brass tiger charm
 32  You hang it around your neck		Brass tiger charm
156  You have the brass tiger charm
 11  Fight the BARMAN 7/8
       and CUT-THROAT 8/9 together, drop charm				Lu-1
200  Ask for aid with unfinished business	-Brass tiger charm
246  The thieves agree to meet you tomorrow
169  Introduce yourself to Tyutchev
374  Say that you wish to meet some thieves
340  Mention the Talisman of Death
327  You climb the steps to the street
289  Apothecus has invited you to dinner				Lu+1
229  Go with the small boy
216  Go with Moreau and Polonius
182  Say "Thank you, no" and leave immediately
201  Kill the VIVISECT 8/12
176  You head for the house of Apothecus	Scroll of Agonizing Doom
273  You have the jade rose
  6  You set out to find the Thieves' Guild	[Cemetery, All-Mother]	St+4
 64  Stay and watch the magic
106  Go with Mortphilio's servant
144  Destroy the WINGED SKULL 7/6
396  You run and catch your breath in amazement
 97  Put on one of the helmets			Black robe
165  You feel lucky to be alive			Silver helmet		Sk+1
 83  You have not been told of the storm-drain
149  A group of men is waiting for you
209  Say you will lead them to jewelry
291  Tell them that it lies in the temple
333  Tell them about the Talisman of Death
276  You resolve to be on your guard
241  Silence the old serving-man
217  Use your pommel to knock him out
206  Let Lord Min kill the old man
239  The thieves have disappeared					Lu-1
222  You jump aside at the last moment
105  Use a Scroll of Agonizing Doom					St-3
 59  Fight HAWKANA 12/6				-Scroll of Agonizing Doom
 44  Go back to Hawkana				Talisman of Death	Lu+1
 54  Leave through the double doors		Ring of Regeneration	St+6
 16  You land safely next to the thieves
163  You climb down to the street
235  Allow Harg's hammer to strike you
141  Harg disappears before the hammer lands
171  Avoid the fireball by running at Tyutchev
244  You press home your attack on Tyutchev				St-3
265  Wound TYUTCHEV 10/12
301  Call upon a God for aid
330  Call on the All-Mother
248  You are not wearing magical chainmail
258  Ask the way to the cemetery
261  Ask the man politely to let you through
338  Step aside and invite him to pass first
379  The monk walks past arrogantly
392  Continue searching along the city wall
 99  You escape the city into the night beyond				Lu+1
  8  Head south-east towards the plateau				St+2
287  Light a torch and stand your ground
207  Your rest is troubled			-1 torch		St+1
154  Examine the Talisman again
138  Try to use the power of the Talisman	[Serve my wielder]
 46  You have banished the minions of Death				St+2
 20  Examine the waterfall
 33  Enter the cave
 42  Advance down the tunnel ahead		-1 torch
 71  Examine the round pillar
184  You roll through as the rock slams down	[First door]
103  Examine the square pillar
345  You step back in amazement			[Venom more deadly]
339  Open the monkey door
332  Choose the scarab beetle door
377  Escape through the dragon door
352  Take the spear from the sarcophagus
395  Destroy the MUMMY 8/10			Dragonsbane spear	Sk+1
350  You emerge above the roaring waterfall
328  The boulders hurtle past you
308  You carry on climbing up the steps
192  Tell the Hogmen you mean no harm
151  Offer them some dried meat
133  Go with them to their village		-1 Provision
365  Say you are searching for the portals
110  You climb to a cave reeking of sulfur	Gum of an Amber Pine	St+2
  7  Walk down the wide and rocky main tunnel	-1 torch
378  Creep towards the Dragon
115  Run back to explore the narrow side-tunnel
 22  Try to grab some scales
269  You continue up the mountain		3 scales
310  You have some Gum of an Amber Pine
385  You bond the scales together		-Gum, -scales, shield
 69  Tell the Dragon Death threatens the world
358  Run to attack
382  You dodge the flailing claw
 34  You have a spear
 51  Fight the RED DRAGON 12/20
 29  Attack the old man
 12  You step towards the shimmering portal
400  You are a hero, savior of the world of Orb