The Citadel of Chaos

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						backpack, lantern,
						E.S.P, Fire x2, Illusion x2,
						Shielding, Weakness x2
  1  Pose as an herbalist
261  You have come to treat Kylltrog
 81  The gatekeeper lets you in
251  Tiptoe through the shadows
321  Approach the group around the fire
339  Sit down with them around the fire
134  Press them for more information		[Scimitar password]
 60  Draw your sword and fight
213  Fight DWARF 5/6 GOBLIN 6/4 ORC 5/7
235  Carry on towards the Citadel		Copper Key, ointment, Potion of Magik x2
245  Use your magic to see the Whirlwind off
 47  Retreat towards the monument and hide
209  Investigate the strange structure
362  Enter the candlelit chamber
 58  Drink the clear liquid
298  Taste it
141  You leave the chamber
156  Cast a Fire Spell
114  You set off towards the Citadel again
218  Knock three times for the guard
118  You know the password
273  The password is "Scimitar"
371  The creature opens the door
177  Go forwards past the steps to the door
  5  Ring for Butler as instructed
 40  Take the left fork
243  Risk tiptoeing into the dark room
352  Prepare to use a Spell
 11  Use a Weakness Spell
152  Defeat the GARK 5/5
180  You continue onwards			6 GP, Hairbrush
 99  Take the right-hand door
 38  Enter the room as instructed
132  Ask for Secrets of the Black Tower
238  Ask for the section on Balthus Dire	[Combination 217]
 18  Look for another useful book
 84  You slump to the ground
234  Take your food
397  Call out to the Calacorm						St+2
 69  You try a Spell to get out
193  Cast an E.S.P. Spell
123  Try an Illusion Spell
 35  Convince him that he is being attacked
364  You set off down the passageway
174  Try to break the locked door down
268  You break through into the room
210  Do not use a Shielding Spell
359  You turn to face the figure
 29  Draw your sword
131  You ask the Leprechaun the way onwards
348  Ask his advice
 68  Choose the brass-handled door
207  You close the door behind you
188  Slash out at the unseen creature
 51  Do not cast either Spell
280  You are in agony
323  Leave through the copper-handled door	-Sword, battlesword,	At+1
						Silver Mirror
144  See what the fellow might have to say
 56  Try a sample of the Red Wine
120  You feel light-headed and press onwards				St+2 Lu+3
 95  The passageway leads you onwards
367  Try to open the door quietly
308  You step into a dark room
257  Run for the other door
237  You climb stairs and press on forwards
169  Investigate the paintings
317  Continue up the right-hand staircase				St-1 Lu+1
197  You climb up to the balcony
363  Try the door to the left
228  Use a Copper Key
296  The door opens
292  Tell the woman you have a special gift
 42  Offer her a Hairbrush
 91  You leave through the other door		-Hairbrush, Fleece	Lu-
140  Take the right-hand door
104  Leave the room and try the other door
 25  Ignore the box and walk around
206  You try the door
182  Feel in your backpack						Sk-1 St-2 Lu-1
322  Pull out a Jar of Ointment
291  You leave quickly				-Ointment
328  Use something from your backpack
226  Pull out a Golden Fleece
 37  You move on to the door cautiously		-Fleece
229* You know the combination
217  Immediately cast a Shielding Spell
293  The Trident drops to the ground
374  Cast a Weakness Spell
158  You run your sword through the beast
 77  Cast a Fire Spell
 46  Duck to avoid the flaming rubble
195  You quickly use another spell
377  Concentrate on an Illusion Spell
332  Command Balthus Dire to surrender
 48  Retreat from the creature
232  You avert your eyes from the Gorgon				Lu-1
111  Hold a Silver Mirror towards him
347  Balthus Dire stands before you
 12  Rush to the window
 78  Pull one of the drapes down
124  The daylight is sapping his strength
400  Your mission has been completed